I’m an astrophysics graduate student at UC Santa Cruz (2014-2019), studying the intersection of computation, physics and data science. When I graduate, I’ll be doing data science in the tech industry full time; in the mean time I’ve interned at LendUp in 2017 and in 2018 I’ll be interning at Microsoft.

During my first two years of grad school, I worked with Prof. Mark Krumholz, studying the effects of supernovae explosions. I’m continuing that work with Prof. Piero Madau, adding more complicated physics into our model (magnetic fields, turbulence, gravity, etc.).

More recently I’ve also been working with Prof. Alexie Leauthaud, using machine learning to identify low mass, low redshift galaxies in the Hyper Suprime Cam survey. This has been a fun challenge of applying Deep Neural Networks to a >100 TB image dataset.


As an undergrad at MIT (2010-2014), I used the Hubble Space Telescope, built experimental X-ray telescopes and devices, and worked with an international collaboration to track how trace gases move through our atmosphere.

Santa Cruz has been a great place to get outside the office. In my free time I run, hike, ski, garden and take pictures.