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Identifying Dwarf Galaxies using Random Forests and Convolutional Neural Networks — for Google researchers visiting UCSC astronomy; July 2017 (see slides)

Enhanced Momentum Feedback from Clustered Supernovae — Santa Cruz Galaxy Workshop; August 2016 (see slides or video recording)

Clustered Supernovae — UCSC Friday Lunchtime Astrophysics Seminar Hour (FLASH); May 2016 (see slides)

Ruling out a Boosted Jet in Pictor A — UCSC Friday Lunchtime Astrophysics Seminar Hour (FLASH); June 2015 (see slides)

Optical Detection and Analysis of Pictor A’s Jet — Northeast Regional Quasar/AGN Meeting, Harvard; May 2014 (see slides or abstract listings)


Presented at the 2016 ISM-SPP Olympian School of Astrophysics (conference listing).

Presented at the January 2014 AAS meeting (see poster, or conference listing).