Lesson Plans and Resources


Please remember that these notes are only preliminary. While I have tried to keep them scientifically accurate, they are not primary sources of science.  Neither are they complete, ready-made lesson plans for classroom use.  They are simply meant to be guides, for myself or others, suggesting a framework of topics. Not all of these notes suggest how to incorporate classroom activities and student engagement — those aspects depend on the context of the class (which has been highly variable in the implementation of these classes). All classes are nominally intended for high school students. I will add more course notes in the future, as time allows.

Introduction to Cosmology

8×2-hr course

This class was co-taught — I only have notes from my half of the class (1 of the 2 hours each week), and I am missing classes 1 and 3.

Illuminating Dark Matter

1- to 2-hr course

Taught multiple times, focusing on different topics each year.  Most complete lecture notes are posted, as an overview.